Is Safety Data Sheet Management a headache for you or your staff ?

  • We will source the Safety Data Sheets for the chemicals on your site.
  • We will keep them up-to-date through regular contact with your suppliers.
  • Your staff can view them through a simple to use interface.

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SDS Management
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  Safety Data Sheet Management
The Chemdoc team will source the latest safety data sheets from the relevant manufacturers for all the chemical products on your site.
  Easy Access
Your safety data sheets are stored in the cloud and available to personnel in your company 24/7 through a simple to use interface.
Are the safety data sheets from your suppliers compliant with the CLP legislation? The Chemdoc team will answer this for you.
  COSHH Assessments
Complete your COSHH assessments using the step by step on-line tool. Distribute the assessments to staff working with the chemical products.
  Create Labels
Create labels for product use (CLP / CPL) and Transport (ADR / IMDG / IATA). Custom templates can be created according to your needs.
  Chemical Hazard Reports
Print chemical hazard reports to view a summary of the hazards within your organisation. Use the advanced search option to identify specific chemical hazards.
Our IOS version of our Chemdoc App will be released very soon. Keep on eye out for our release email...

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