COSHH Assessments

Documented COSHH assessments must be completed for hazardous chemical products used in the workplace.

The Chemdoc COSHH tool allows members of staff to easily navigate a step by step process for completing their documented chemical agent risk assessments. The module allows you to manage and distribute your site COSHH assessments in conjunction with your safety data sheets.

Staff can also upload and store previously created COSHH assessments or other chemical safety documents relevant to each chemical product.

Chemical Hazard Reports

Chemdoc will give your users the ability to create reports on the hazards on-site including:

  • List of all CMR's.
  • View of products by specific hazard (e.g. – Pregnancy hazards, flammable etc).
  • Products by transport classification.

The user can also use the advanced search facility to search for a single specific hazard by Risk Phrase, Symbol, Hazard Statement, Pictogram or transport classification.

Restricted Substances

A large number of chemical substances are currently restricted for use in Europe. These substances are documented in various lists including:

  • REACH Candidate List.
  • Reach Annex XVII substances.
  • SIN List.

These are often contained as minor ingredients in finished products and may be on your site unbeknown to you and your staff.

In addition to the obvious dangers to staff safety, having these substances on your site can have a detrimental effect on your business continuity as the products using them become unavailable.
Chemdoc gives you the ability to view all restricted substances in your organisation and highlight any potential safety and business continuity issues.

Chemical Approval

Most organisations have a chemical approval procedure that must be followed before a new chemical can be used on-site. Chemdoc can be used to make your existing chemical approval process more accessible and less time consuming for all parties involved.:

  • Remove the paper trail and complete the whole process through the Chemdoc interface.
  • Run reports and easily track chemicals that are awaiting approval.
  • Allow Chemdoc to complete the critical parts of the chemical approval process.

CPL, CLP and Transport labels

Staff members often need to print chemical use or transport labels for the chemical products on site for a number of reasons including:

  • Poor quality product labeling on original container.
  • Product is decanted from original container.
  • Product is being transported off site.
  • Waste labels.

The labels on Chemdoc pull their information automatically from the product database so no input is requited from the user. Label templates can be designed specifically according to each customer's needs.

Restricted Substances