Why Chemdoc

Save Money

Using Chemdoc to manage your Safety Data Sheets will cut the cost of your safety data sheet maintenance by at least 50%.

We have developed lean efficient systems that allow us to source and update thousands of safety data sheets every month on behalf of our clients. With our systems and our dedicated staff, we can manage your safety data sheets more cost effectively than doing so within your organisation.

Save Time

Using the Chemdoc service in your organisation will free up your staff to work on the projects that are critical to your business.

The scale of work involved in updating and maintaining your safety data sheet inventory often goes unnoticed:

  • Checking Safety Data Sheets for compliance with regulations.
  • Contacting (and re-contacting) manufacturers for up-to-date Safety Data Sheets.
  • Updating your hazard inventory with data from Safety Data Sheets.
  • Distributing your Safety Data Sheets to all users.
  • Repeating it all again the following year.

This administration work is often completed on site by qualified staff who's time is worth much more to the company.

Compliance with Regulations

Are your safety data sheets compliant with relevant national and International regulations? Do your chemical products contain restricted or banned substances? Are the chemical products approved before they are introduced into your organisation?.

The Chemdoc team can approve your chemical products and safety data sheets in compliance with specific company and industry requirements and relevant national and international regulations.

Chemdoc also gives you the ability to view all restricted substances in your organisation and highlight any potential safety and business continuity issues.

Available 24/7

Chemdoc is a cloud based system and therefore you and all the staff in your organisation can access the safety data sheets. You can also give access to your customers through a simple login system. There no specialist software to install and no set up costs.